Salaar: ‘KGF-2’ Dialogue Writer Reveals Key Update

Created under the direction of Prashant Neil, ‘KGF-2’ is finally coming to the forefront of the audience and is receiving an amazing response. Rebel Star fans are eagerly watching the latest movie about Prashant Neil and Prabhas Combo. While Prabhas will not be seen in a dynamic role in ‘Salar’, Shrutihaasan will play the heroine. After disappointing the fans with “Radheshyam”, Prabhas decided to hit a blockbuster hit with “Salar”. When the shooting of “Salar” is half over, when will the next schedule start? That’s all there is to expect. In a recent interview with NTV, “KGF-2” dialogue writer Hanuman Chowdhury revealed a crucial update about the film.

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The new schedule of “Salar” movie is said to start from May 1. He also revealed that this is a pure Telugu Pan India movie and that the wonderful emotions and elevations found in ‘KGF-2’ will also be present in ‘Salar’, if not there’s Yash and here Prabhas. The hype over “Salar” skyrocketed as “KGF-2” exceeded expectations. Rebel Stars fans are also looking forward to “Salar”.

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