Salary to be bought by 6 top heroes of Kollywood .. Ajith who touched Rajini’s salary as an assault

Rajini and Kamal are the top stars in Tamil cinema. He has been acting in cinema for many years and has a worldwide fan base. Next to them, Vijay and Ajith are gaining a lot of fans and are rising as mass actors.

Many producers and leading companies are competing to make a film with these very popular people. Many corporate houses are willing to pay the millions they ask for.

In this situation, the list of actors earning crores of rupees in Tamil cinema has been published on the website. In it, actor Vijay has taken the first place behind Ajith, Rajini and Kamal.

Accordingly, his current salary for a film is Rs 118 crore. This is followed by actor Ajith in 2nd place. He is set to star in a film directed by Vignesh Sivan and produced by renowned company Laika Productions.

He has been promised a salary of Rs 105 crore for the film. Ajith is second in that category. Following this, Rajini is in the second place with a salary of 105 crore rupees. Kamal Haasan is next with a salary of Rs 35 crore.

Surya is next with a salary of Rs 28 crore. Finally, Sivakarthikeyan is in fifth place with a salary of Rs 25 crore. It was only after the huge success of the Doctor film that his salary skyrocketed.

The salaries of the actors have gone up due to the recent boom in the market of Tamil cinema. One reason for this is the influx of corporates. Vijay, who has amassed a huge collection of films, is now a box office hero.

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