Samantha angry tweet! Is Naga Chaitanya about second marriage?

After actress Samantha announced her affair, many new film opportunities came her way. He is currently in possession of several pictures.


Samantha has not yet publicly announced why she suddenly split up with Naga Chaitanya, whom she fell in love with and married. In this situation, the news is spreading that another marriage is going to take place soon for Naga Chaitanya.

It has been reported that Naga Chaitanya has put a condition that a woman should not be an actress. However no official announcement about the marriage has come so far.

Samantha tweeted

Samantha is currently posting an angry post on Twitter about this situation.

“Do not think my silence is ignorant, do not think I have accepted if I am silent. Do not think my love is weak.”

In another tweet, he mentioned that “love may have an expiry date”.

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