Samantha starrer ‘Yashoda’ produced by Sridevi Movies is set to release on August 12!

Samantha is a leading actress in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. Sivalenga Krishna Prasad is producing ‘Yashoda’ starring Sridevi in ​​the lead role on behalf of Sridevi Movies.

The Hari-Harish alliance makes their directorial debut in the film. The film is slated for a worldwide release on August 12. Producer Sivalenga Krishnaprasad said that actress Samantha is not only good at acting in ‘Yashoda’ but also at fight scenes. We are releasing the film simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi on August 12. Filming will end at the end of May.

This action thriller movie has a storyline that can draw audiences from all over India to theaters. We have recently completed a big schedule in a huge set and today we are going for the next shoot in Kodaikanal. Are acting.

Music: Manicharma, Lyrics: Pulagam Chinnarayana, Dr. Sella Bhagyalakshmi Songs: Ramjoyya Shastri Sastry Creative Director: Hember Jasti Cinematography: M. Sasikumar Art: Ashok Martial Arts: Venkat Editing: Marthan K. Venkatesh Line Producer: Vidya Sivalenga Co-Producer: Cinda Gopalakrishna Siva Reddy Direction: Producer: Prasad. Banner: Sridevi Movies

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