Sandhya who came to the bedroom with milk copper .. Saravanan who has become closed!

Saravanan, who took on the responsibility of fulfilling the dream of not only his wife Sandhya but also her parents in Vijay TV’s Raja Rani 2 serial, is currently facing a dilemma.

Because Saravanan’s mother Sivagami had given Sandhya the responsibility of the house and told Sandhya that Saravanan must have packed the IPS dream even if she was only a good daughter – in – law.

Besides, he often tells Sandhya that he wants to have a grandchild with him and Sandhya and Saravanan have arranged a dinner for both of them tonight.

Thus Sandhya is also decorated like a new girl and Sivagami arranges flowers all over her bedroom. So Sandhya listens to her mother-in-law and goes to the bedroom with milk copper in her hand.

When Sandhya sees Saravanan waiting there for romance, Saravanan suppresses his desire by telling Sandhya that watching all this will change me.

After that Saravanan chases Sandhya like a strict officer to leave the milk and take the book. However, Sandhya, who passed the IPS exam in Raja Rani 2 serial, will go for training after giving birth to a child and giving it to Saravanan. That is how this story will be aired in the coming days.

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