Sanjay Dutt: The reason for drug addiction is not selling !!

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt has once again become the talk of the town. In “KGF-2” the cruel villain appears as Adhira and impresses. Sanju Bhai, who was once a star hero in Bollywood, is known to be embroiled in many controversies. One of them is his addiction to drugs. But how did Sanju Bhai, who is enjoying the latest “KGF-2” hit, become addicted to drugs? Revealed that. Sanjay said, “At that time, the tribe was ashamed to talk to girls. But who would try to talk to them anyway. Part of it was that I thought it would be cool for girls to use drugs and get the chance to talk to them easily. So I started taking drugs. ”

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He also revealed the circumstances under which Sanju Bhai became addicted to drugs. He spent a few days in a rehabilitation center recovering from the drugs effect. After coming out of the rehabilitation center everyone called him a druggy and said he was determined to do something to get rid of that scar. That is why Sanju worked so hard to build his body. It is said that he started chanting ‘Kya Body Hai’ from then on. All in all, Sanju Bhai seems to be back with ‘KGF-2’ Baba!

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