Sarika Kamal Haasan who suffers without even money for expenses .. Is it such a shame for a national award winning actress!

Sarika, who rose to fame as a popular actress in Hindi cinema, fell in love with actor Kamal Haasan and married him. They have two daughters, Sruthi Hassan and Akshara Hassan. Both of them are currently acting in cinema like their mom and dad.

The couple’s eldest daughter Surudihasan has become famous for her performances in several languages ​​including Tamil and Telugu. In this situation, Sarika Kamal Haasan has released a shocking information that she is struggling for money.

Sarika divorced Kamal Haasan a few years back due to a disagreement with him. Since then he has been living alone in Mumbai. Their two daughters are living separately without their parents.

Even though everyone was alone like this, Sarika used to visit her daughters from time to time. In this case Sarika has been suffering without money at her own expense when the curfew was imposed due to corona damage.

Thus he said in an interview that he acted in serials and thereby took care of his needs. The news he has delivered has come as a shock to many. Sarika is the recipient of the National Award for Best Actress.

He has also won the National Award for Best Costume Designer for his work on the film Haram. Fans are wondering if this is a situation for him who has won two national awards and become famous. Fans have also been commenting against them as to whether the two daughters could not take care of the adoptive mother while earning a handful as actresses.

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