Secret marriage .. AR Raghuman made a great treat for only one person

Khadija, the eldest daughter of AR Rahman, the rising Oscar winner of the Indian film world, was engaged to be married on December 29 last year to Riazuddin Sheikh Mohammed on her birthday.

So while the wedding was expected to take place in the presence of all the cinema celebrities, otherwise the wedding of AR Raghuvan’s daughter, which was attended only by close relatives, took place grandly.

No one in the Tamil cinema industry was invited to the wedding. The wedding took place grandly. This is why he owns so many acres in Ponneri. This is where the wedding and all the festivities related to it took place.

Special invitations were given only to students at AR Raghuvan Music Academy. Only students who were learning music at the wedding attended with their parents.

Apart from that, none of his friends in Tamil cinema are invited. The only important guest was P. Susila, who is acclaimed by the fans as the queen of music and melody. Even at the age of 86, he came to the wedding unscathed.

AR Raghuvan, along with P Susila, looked after everything throughout the marriage from the moment he got out of the car as soon as he arrived. He was the one who finally loaded the car. Through marriage his daughter has taught him to give importance only to himself and to respect the elderly

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