See how actor Vishal has come for his film Pooja! Teasing costume ..

Vishal’s last hit movie

Actor Vishal is currently a leading actor in Tamil cinema and in recent times none of his films have been huge successes.

Accordingly, the Iron Man movie released in 2018 starring him is considered as a successful movie which was well received by all.

New combo

The fact is that no film since then has been so successful. Actor Vishal will be co-starring with the lead actor in the new combo.

Yes, the upcoming film directed by Advik Ravichandran is Mark Antony. Vishal and SJ Surya will be seen in dual roles in the film.

Meanwhile, the puja of the film is being held today in which the dress worn by Vishal has been teased. Look at that photo for yourself.

Is director Vignesh Sivan the owner of an expensive luxury car?

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