See who Lotus met after the Big Boss Ultimate show- Mix Photo

The 5th season of Bigg Boss came to an end earlier this year and Raju also captured the title. People were all congratulating him on his victory.

Next to him Lotus was much celebrated by the people and the fans wanted him to take a big place through the show he worked so hard for.

Lotus at the Ultimate Show

Lotus did not win in the 5th season and people thought he had a chance to win in the Ultimate show, but Balaji played harder than him and won the Ultimate show title.

But Tamara, who fought till the end, has the support of the people.

Lotus after Big Boss

Tamara knows nothing but her family and art. He has been blessed to meet his mother-in-law in person with the hand that finished the Big Boss Ultimate show.

The photo he took after the show with his family has gone viral on social media.

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