Seeing Khali’s height, Anupam got nervous, then put on such a fight that he became even taller than the wrestler (photos)

Mumbai- Anupam Kher, who has been in constant discussion about ‘The Kashmir Files’, has won the hearts of his fans by sharing his unique posts on social media. He is not tired of thanking people after the movie got a lot of buzz. Recently, a picture of Anupam Kher went viral. In this picture, he is not alone, but with him, the famous WWE Champion The Great Khali.


Anupam recently shared a picture with The Great Khali. In the first picture it can be seen that Anupam Kher is standing next to Khali but does not look special. The second picture will blow your mind. Yes, in the second picture, Anupam Kher is standing on a chair and taking pictures with Khali. This picture looks very funny.

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The ONLY way one can be TALLER than @greatkhali is in the next pic. #Humbled #Honoured #Humored #KhaliTheGreat

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– Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) 19 Apr 2022

As he shares this picture, he writes: Let it be known that fans are not tired of commenting on this picture. One user wrote – ‘So funny sir’, then another user wrote, it looks like the little ones are a pair of big ones. Let it be known that the fans are really liking this picture of him.

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