Series Review One Piece One Piece Dawn of the best live-action of all time

The adaptation of One Piece into a live-action movie is, to be honest, one of the most worrying projects. Due to the fantasy of the original and the long number of episodes, many people think that One Piece is only included in the manga version.

But what worries fans even more is the fact that One Piece has been adapted by Netflix. Due to its reputation for adaptations that don’t match the original, fans are left on their temples thinking that the series may need to be placed in the same category as Dragon Ball Evolution, or simply prepare to bury it because no one expects the Netflix adaptation One Piece to survive. Expect a lot, it just comes out consistently. Because the series can’t quite bring out the heart of the animated version.

But it turns out Netflix did it.

One Piece tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy) starring Iñaki Godoy, he is a young boy who wears a straw hat all the time. He dreams of becoming a pirate lord and goes in search of a treasure called “One Piece”, a great treasure that the Pirate King has been working on. Gold D. The entire season will cover the story of Luffy gathering his allies to fight the mermaid pirate Along.

Excision, but not heartwarming.

Of course, one thing that many people worry about is that content from 11 manga volumes (over 44 anime episodes) is condensed into an 8-episode series that only lasts about an hour per episode on average. Therefore, we expect that the series will definitely cut the content. Yes, the series was really torn down and adjusted a lot, but it was back on the track that we liked.

That is, the series uses a method of customizing content like later superhero movies that use scripting techniques by keeping the core, such as who the protagonist is. Although it’s a concise approach to the story and a somewhat fast-paced story, the concise content while maintaining an understanding of the story and iconic scenes allows One Piece to retain the heart of the original.

Is the live-action version of One Piece real!!

On the character side, which a lot of people are quite worried about. We want to say that not every character has exactly the same personality as in the manga, but it is adapted to the context and reinterpreted to give the character a more mature mindset. It adds another dimension to the characters. For us, the three most striking adaptations are Sanji, Nami and Baqi.

Sanji’s page. In the original comics, it can be called a crazy erotic character. Until we secretly worried about how to adjust it so as not to be bad these days, the Netflix team did their homework well. Customizing Sanji’s personality in this version so that she’s a cute, flirty guy instead is something that fits into the era and makes the character even cuter. In addition, Nami has a more action-packed and tricky script in which Emily Rudd, who plays Nami, is incredibly good at interpreting a tough woman surrounded by male pirates.

Another character that cannot be mentioned is the clown Baqi. Because even though the trailer haunts us, the series scares us even more. This version of Baggie adds an image that mixes Joker and Captain Jack Sparrow, giving a huge amount of fame to the Great God Baqi. Even if your brother has recently turned into a joker, we are still afraid.

Die besten Manga-Adaptionsserien

One of our favorite things to do is that Admiral Garp chases Luffy throughout the movie. Because if we’ve seen the original comics, we know that Garp is Luffy’s grandfather. The secret reveal adds depth to the content and keeps Kobe and Helmeppo in chapters throughout the season. Look at their growth. You don’t have to wait long to appear like a cartoon. I must say that the younger chapter is as much as the second of the story.

The wind of transition is blowing.

In addition to politics and adventure, one of the messages that One Piece always emphasizes is the story of the “modern era”, because the older characters are often the ones who reinforce the word outdated and do not get in the way of the younger generation. It’s also a message we really like, and the series maintains that part of the heart in its entirety.

The goodness of the One Piece series will not be possible at all. If Eiichirō Oda does not take over the staging himself, both the script and the cast will be selected while retaining the core of the original. While the content draws on some of the characters in the story, that doesn’t make One Piece’s live-action series entertaining. The extra points make the content even more impressive. We believe that in addition to the idea of Oda-sensei. If the production team wasn’t really One Piece fans, they wouldn’t be able to push it this far.

Finally, I’d like to say that the live-action version of One Piece is a heartbreaking adaptation of the series. There is a point that makes the fans cry, wow and at the same time accepts new fans together. It can be said that the series has successfully broken the curse of the film adaptation of the cartoon, which makes us secretly believe that the difficult One Piece size can still do well. If the creators really care and give him a fan love, we believe that any cartoon in the world can be turned into a star.

P.S. For One Piece fans, the series has everything we really love: Easter egg, cool character lines, touching scenes, even a familiar soundtrack that comes at the right time and almost screams “We Are”.

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