Shah Rukh Khan launches new movie! So do you know what Attlee’s position is?


Aadli, the leading director of Tamil cinema, has now gone to the Bollywood side, where he is directing the line-up film which is being made at a huge cost.

Following the hat-trick success with Vijay, the announcement of Aadli-Shahrukh Khan came at a time when Aadli was expected to form an alliance with whom.

And the shooting of the Line film, which started last year, was interrupted and resumed.

Committed SRK in the new film

But currently Shahrukh Khan is starring in Rajkumar Groni’s film Dunki. It is said that Shah Rukh Khan, who has set aside 180 days for the film, will occasionally star in the film Line.

In this case, the information about the overall budget of the film has been released. Accordingly, the film is said to be made on a budget of Rs 200 crore, which includes the salaries of Shah Rukh Khan, Aadli and Nayantara.

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