‘Shake Your Body Like a Belly Dancer’ song on TikTok? explained


‘Shake Your Body Like a Belly Dancer’ song on TikTok? explained: We are here with another most viral and interesting dance trend o Tik Tok. This trend is highly popular as “Shake Your Body Like a Belly Dancer.” So pIt is pretty much h clear with a name that om this we are going to see the doing belly dance but no you are wrong not only this other than this we are also going to see a  twist in this trend. So to know what is this twist stay tuned to the blog and grab more details about this new trend. Follow More Update On Khatrimaza.uno

Here are some of the most popular and highly used songs on Tik Tokh includes, including Amaare and Kali Uchi’s SAD GIRL LUV MONEY, and Acraze’s. So guys the name of the trend is actually a name of a song that is getting more popular these days and everyone is trying to be whirl on it, in videos. And this is just the lyrics of the song, the name of a song is still to be known so let us tell you that in the article further, you will going to get the name of the song.

What is the Song Called?

If you are a user of Tik Tok then you must know that these are lyrics of a song and thsi si how it starts with, “Shake Your Body Like a Belly Dancer.”

And here how lyrics go:-

Hey, ladies drop it down

Just want to see you touch the ground

Don’t be shy girl go bonanza

Shake ya body like a belly dancer

So this song is getting viral as poles are performing a dance challenge in which they are trying to do a dancing style Bamaza (Belly Dancer) by Akon.

So in the challenge, we can see many of the Tik Tok users are performing on this song and they all are doing a belly dance. It is used by many of the users and an allotment of 807,000 Tik Tok users was already used this and others are still trying this. The challenge is highly liked by the users.

This isn’t the first dancing challenge on Tik Tok as there were many others on it and just like this every year it changes and becomes a trend. It is also helping users to get more likes and followers too.

Stay tuned to us to gran more updates and news.

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