Shakila told the truth of sharing the first bed .. To date only “No” for marriage

Shakila was the dream girl of many young people in the 90s. She made her acting debut in the Malayalam film Play Girls. Shakila has reached the pinnacle of fame by starring in provocative films and creating a huge fan base for herself. He is the flag bearer of all language films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada.

His films have surpassed those of many leading actors. He is the lord of building a separate fan base for himself to that extent. At one point he has acted in more than 100 films to the extent that it can be said that if it is a Malayalam film it is a Shakila film.

He has acted not only in erotic films but also in all kinds of roles such as characterization and comedy. It was at this point that Shakila became famous on the iconic screen through the show Cook With a Clown on a private TV show, which only then attracted many to her tender nature and her loving actions.

It was through that show that the outlook on him changed, and many who knew his true face were moved. It can be said that a lot of men and women have become his fans. It was in this context that he attended the private YouTube channel show and bravely answered the various questions raised on it.

In the middle of the question is the narrator you have acted in a lot of porn movies are actually you Virginia. Asked if he was not married yet. The question left me smiling a little without any hesitation, “No I am not a virgin. That said it was an incident that happened in my youth. When asked who it was, actress Shakila replied, “He’s my teenage friend, his name is Richard.”

Actress Shakila, who had announced in 2012 that she would no longer be starring in pornographic films, has been acting in supporting roles in films since then. He is unmarried and adopts a transgender woman named Mila. Many who have participated in Cook With Clown have praised him for being able to treat everyone sweetly because he has endured a lot of hardships in the unspoken pages of his life.

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