Shakira, Gerard Pique and the consequences that their children Milan and Sasha are suffering for their public dispute

Shakira, Gerard Pique and the consequences that their children Milan and Sasha are suffering for their public dispute

The interpreter of “Monotonia” surprised the world on Wednesday, January 11, with a song that immediately became a success and also a topic of conversation due to the positions in which they wereShakira and Pique. The support, in a way, was divided among those involved.

Pique responded to his ex’s clear messages by showing a Casio watch in a transmission and, later,arriving to a meeting in a Twingo, two brands mentioned by Shakira to allegedly despise the new sentimental relationship of the former Barcelona soccer player .

Pique has also attracted attention due to the mysterious messages on Twitter. The truth is the crossfire would have also touched their two small s . Find out what has been reported about the supposed reality that minors are experiencing in the midst of their parents’ media war.

What Would Be Happening With The Children Of Shakira And Gerard Pique

The media dispute between Shakira and Gerard Pique would also be affecting their children Sasha and Milan , according to El Nacional de Cataluna, a medium that has reported that what happened between their parents is the topic of conversation at their school and outside the institution, in the homes of their classmates.

This situation had already been a point of controversy on social networks, because many users criticized the Colombian singer for not thinking about her daughters when releasing “BZRP Music Session #53” with allusions to the break with Pique and the public relations officer Clara Chia Marti .

Although there was also another group that has blamed the former Barcelona soccer player for the recent hints that he would have thrown at his ex-partner with the Casio watch and the Twingo car . Although this is a leak of what would happen to the children, it has also been reported that it would have been Milan who recommended his mother to collaborate with Bizarrap , of whom he is a fan, according to Despierta America.

How Did Shakira Celebrate The Success Of His Song Against Pique And Clara Chia Marti?

Shakira had a party at her house , the one next to her ex-in-laws, to celebrate the worldwide success of the song she released with Bizarrap. The Colombian singer was surrounded by her friends and played her song at full volume so that even Gerard Pique’s parents could hear it.

“What would be of us without the friends who dry our tears and also celebrate the good times?” , was what the interpreter wrote in a story of hers on her official Instagram account , where she uploaded videos of how they received the impact of “BZRP Music Session # 53 ″.


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