Shalini speaks worse than friends .. Ajith who told the truth to Santhanam

Ajith is now 51 years old. Ajith has earned a permanent place in Tamil cinema only due to his hard work and perseverance without any cinematic background. That is why he entered this earth on May 1, Labor Day.

In this case, Ajith is not on any social networking site. He is the one who keeps his own life very secret. Also, he has now stopped giving interviews to the media even for the promotion of his film. But so far his films have been collecting.

But initially Ajith would be interviewed on TV for the promotion of his film. Thus Santhanam had interviewed Ajith for the promotion of the film Billa. In it, Ajith shared many things about his cinema career. Ajith also quit smoking for Shalini.

If there’s one of his worst critics, it’s his wife Shalini. That means friends who have seen his pictures will respond diplomatically even if they don’t like the picture. But Shalini can honestly criticize anything.

If he does not like it he will say it directly. Ajith also said that Shalini was a major factor in my growth. Ajith also shared the romantic moment of Ajith and Shalini. Shalini did not agree to act in the film Amarkkalam for the first time.

Immediately the producers asked Ajith to talk. But Shalini also refused, saying she was focused on her studies. After that, Shalini agreed to act in the film Amarkkalam due to pressure from the producers. Also during the first day shooting Ajith accidentally cut Shalini’s wrist.

But Shalini has continued to star in the film. But after a while everyone knew that his hand was bleeding. That is when our love started there, Ajith said in the interview. Almost 22 years have passed and Ajith and Shalini’s love affair is getting more and more intense.

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