Shankar in a bad mood .. Seeing the loss of millions of work without guessing

Shankar has given many works through his great movement. And he thinks that even a single song can cost many crores and take a huge toll. But Shankar spends crores and stops shooting ubiquitously. It is the producers who suffer.

Shankar has two daughters and a son. His youngest daughter Aditi Shankar is currently starring in Muthiah’s Viruman. The film stars Karthi as the protagonist. The film has a whole village storyline.

It is produced by Surya through his 2D Entertainment company. Shankar’s eldest daughter Aishwarya was married to Rohit in June last year. Only close friends and relatives attended as the corona spread was high at the time.

In this situation, a reception was organized for them on May 1 in Chennai. In this, Shankar has invited everyone as screen celebrities, political celebrities and businessmen. And as always, he showed greatness in this.

That means about 1500 magazines have been printed for this reception. The price of a magazine is 9000. The famous art director Muthuraj had set up this reception hall grandly. This alone cost Rs 6 crore. But for some reason he changed the date at the reception.

Had he spent crores, Shankar would have suffered a lump sum loss as the date has now been changed. And many say that the reason for this is the stomach ache of many manufacturers. But Shankar is expected to hold his daughter’s reception on a different date than what is currently being arranged.

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