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Shankar in great frustration .. Is it because of the problem that came with Kamal from the beginning!

Director Shankar, who has made a name for himself as a great director in Tamil cinema, now has his eldest daughter Aishwarya Kalyana from PC. The wedding, which was scheduled to take place on May 1, is still in trouble.

Meanwhile, Shankar has made a name for himself in Tamil cinema. He was already depressed over the dispute with Vadivelu. Indian 2 image problem while it is going to one page. Shankar had a lot of problems from the beginning of the film.

It is a question mark whether he has gone to the Telugu side to say no to Tamil anymore after facing many problems such as accident in Indian 2 film and resentment with Kamal. But credible sources say he is relieved to be there so he can get rid of the problem for a while.

Shankar, who has so far directed only Tamil hero training films, is actively working on directing the film with Ram Charan, the son of popular Telugu actor Chiranjeevi, for the first time. The film is developing tremendously.

The film is also very important for Ram Charan. Following the success of Ram Charan’s RRR film, Acharya has teamed up with Shankar to try to correct the fluctuations as the film failed. Shankar and Kamit have decided to entertain Telugu fans as they continue to face problems in Tamil films.

‘Is the rice in the dream a word?’ Though Tamil fans have been waiting for the shooting of Indian 2 to start, Shankar will return to Telugu and focus on Indian 2 after finishing Ram Charan’s film.

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