Shankar’s daughter’s wedding reception .. Do you know the reason for wasting Rs 10 crore?

Director Shankar has captivated the fans with his great works. His youngest successor Aditi Shankar is currently in the film industry. Similarly, it was recently reported that his son is going to play a hero in films.

He was married to Shankar’s eldest daughter Aishwarya in June last year. Since it was the Corona period back then they simply ended the marriage by keeping relatives and friends without any notice.

Currently Shankar was planning to hold a grand wedding reception. The event was scheduled to take place on May 1st. Also screen celebrities, political celebrities were all invited.

And 1500 magazines were hit for this reception. All the work was ready as the set was put up for the event. It has been reported that Shankar has changed the reception date.

Shankar has spent over Rs 10 crore for this. Now it has been revealed what was the reason for stopping the wedding reception. That means there is a difference of opinion between Shankar’s son and daughter – in – law. The fight between the two is over. Shankar is trying to convince it.

Thus he has stopped as it is not coming right now if the reception is held. And everything that has cost so many crores for this has gone to waste. Shankar plans to soothe the fight a bit and then put it on a reception after the peace is restored.

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