Shark Tank India’s ‘pitch of the season’ floors judges, makes Peyush Bansal offer Rs 20 lakh loan without interest. Watch here


Entrepreneur Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare’s multipurpose bicycle solution for farmers has been declared ‘the pitch of the season’ on Shark Tank India. Kamlesh charmed the panel of ‘sharks’ or merchants along with his flamboyant vogue and his helpful view for a trade that Lenskart co-founder Peyush Bansal backed, calling Kamlesh ‘Bharat ki ummeed (India’s hope).

Kamlesh entered the blow their own horns in a filmy vogue, and told the panel that he is from a village 20 kilometres out of doors Malegaon. He stated that he’s a farmer, and his brother is within the Military. “Jai jawaan jai kisaan,” he stated excitedly.

In his presentation, he showed the panel a 17 kg tanker that farmers maintain to wear on their backs all day. He stated that this capacity that, his father’s well being became as soon as affected. This motivated Kamlesh to ascertain with junkyards and create a multipurpose bicycle for farmers going via an analogous hardships. He stated that the bulk farmers within the country can’t maintain ample cash expensive drones, but they are able to maintain ample cash to desire his advent, which he designed himself, over seven years.


Kamlesh asked for Rs 30 lakh, in replace for 10% equity in his trade. He admitted that he hadn’t sold a single bike, and that it costs him Rs 8000 to originate it. After being attentive to his pitch, Ghazal Alagh saluted his ‘josh and junoon’. Anupam Mittal stated that Kamlesh has reaffirmed his religion within the new generation of entrepreneurs. He stated that he doesn’t realize the agriculture industry, so he wouldn’t be ready to invest, but he provided to attend Kamlesh with a grant.

Ghazal asked him why he hadn’t taken up a job, and tried to gain his product made that intention. Kamlesh stated, “Hum kisaan hain, kissi ka gulaam nahi rehte (We’re farmers, we are our beget bosses).” Nonetheless she didn’t maintain a proposal for him, on memoir of he didn’t maintain a trade model. Vineeta Singh called him a important particular person, and told him to scrutinize at crowdfunding websites to generate funds, but stated that she wouldn’t are making an strive to invest. Namita Thapar provided to glue him to the honest of us, but couldn’t fabricate him a proposal.

Peyush took over and asked Kamlesh some background questions. He wished to understand if he’d been approached by the blow their own horns, but Kamlesh stated that he hadn’t. In fact, he’d considered an advertisement and had utilized himself. He wished to understand if Kamlesh had tried to desire out a loan, or gain a grant. He moreover asked if he has any companions. Kamlesh stated he hadn’t in actuality belief of any of this, and didn’t mediate any individual would are making an strive to present him a loan.

“Foremost dunga,” Peyush stated. He provided him Rs 10 lakh in replace of 40% equity, and an additional Rs 20 lakh as loan, with out hobby. “No one supported you, but I could,” he stated, as he hugged Kamlesh, who walked out with a verbalize of pleasure.

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