She is my well wisher .. stunning wax doll Priyanka Mohan

Dr. Priyanka Mohan is the dream girl of the fans in the current Tamil cinema. Like Nayanthara and Trisha, who are at the peak of their fame in cinema, she is getting ready for the next round.

Many producers are waiting for his callsheet to book him in their films. In that sense, a bright future awaits him in cinema. The Doctor, who was released in her role, was awkward acting as a family-oriented woman in films like Dare for Anything.

Following this, he will be co-starring with Sivakarthikeyan again in the upcoming film Dawn. He is also in talks with some of the leading actors to co-star.

Fans are very fond of him who looks like a cute doll. So wherever he goes, everything about the photo and video he is involved with is going viral. One of his recent comments about director Nelson has caused a stir among fans.

Nelson is one of the leading directors in films like Kolamau Kokila, Doctor, Beast. He was the one who introduced Priyanka to cinema through his Doctor movie.

That is why Priyanka has openly stated in an interview that Nelson is her well wisher. And let him know about any films he commits to. He may also ask for reviews of those films.

Besides, Priyanka is following some of Nelson’s advice. This is the thing that is being talked about so much right now. Kodambakkam is buzzing with the question of whether this is the only one among them or anything beyond that.

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