She is the mother of actress Khushboo

Actress Khushbu is an actress who has always been in the minds of the people of Tamil cinema. It is safe to say that Khushboo was not famous for her name as Idli, necklace and jacket.

He went to the iconic page as the market in cinema was declining and gave a lot of hit shows there.

Khushbu in politics

Despite making many achievements in cinema like this, Khushboo has a desire to come into politics on a large scale. Thus he has been more involved in politics for the last few years.

His subsequent work is also politically motivated.

Photo by Khushbu

Khushboo is a celebrity who is always active on the social web. Talking about social issues on Twitter Khushbu He will be posting more family photos on his Instagram page.

Currently he has shared a photo of his mom on Twitter for the first time. Khushbu has made a special record since today is his birthday.

Look here,

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