Shikimori’s Not Simply a Cutie Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Described


In the seventh episode of ‘Shikimori’s Not Simply a Cutie‘ titled ‘Cultural Festival I,’ Izumi and his schoolmates are hectic in preparation for the upcoming occasion. When he needs to invest a couple of hours works operating in the library on the 2nd day of the cultural celebration, Izumi satisfies Kamiya there, who has an interest in his relationship with Shikimori. Here’s whatever you require to learn about the ending of ‘Shikimori’s Not Simply a Cutie’ episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Shikimori’s Not Simply a Cutie Episode 7 Recap

With the cultural celebration about to be held, Izumi and his schoolmates are striving to get ready for it. Sadly, he is organized with the trainees accountable for outfit style while his sweetheart is operating in the designs department. Both of them are jealous that they can’t hang around with each other.

On the very first day of the three-day cultural celebration, Shikimori’s class wants to make the most from their sales and surpass all other trainees in the school. They run a coffee shop for the whole day with the trainees serving the clients using adorable animal gowns. Thankfully, people at the celebration appear to like the idea as they handle to do a great deal of organization.

Nevertheless, Izumi will hurt himself at one point, like constantly, however Shikimori is right there to conserve him. When the very first day of the celebration is over, Izumi and his sweetheart head house together, and the couple discuss the coming day. While Shikimori will be hectic with work associated to the celebration, her sweetheart needs to remain in the library for a couple of hours. For that reason, they most most likely won’t have the ability to invest whenever together.

Izumi feels unfortunate that he can’t assist his schoolmates since of his other duties. However Shikimori guarantees him that she will deal with his behalf so that other trainees don’t feel strained. Izumi assures to do his best too. The following day when he comes to the school’s library, he discovers Kamiya there organizing books on the rack.

Shikimori’s Not Simply a Cutie Episode 7 Ending: How Did Kamiya and Izumi First Met?

Kamiya appears rather pleased to see Izumi and demands his help with a few of her work. They have actually understood each other for more than a year, although they seldom satisfy any longer. The 2 good friends initially encountered each other in the library. Izumi was rather unaware about the duties at that time, so Kamiya assisted him with whatever- discussing all elements of the task that he need to take seriously. She was simply as popular at that time too, and people enjoyed her.

As a volley ball ace, Kamiya seldom got to hang around alone without being continuously approached by other trainees. For that reason, the library ended up being a place where she might simply be with her ideas without a care worldwide. That’s where Kamiya and Izumi’s relationship started. Considering that she has actually got to speak with him after a while, she starts to ask him about his relationship with Shikimori and shows excessive interest, making Izumi unpleasant.

What Are Couple Numbers? Who Gets the Exact Same Number As Izumi in the Cultural Celebration?

Couple Numbers is an unique occasion arranged by the Trainee Council at Shikimori’s school throughout the cultural celebration. Trainees from all the areas of a specific class are appointed a number, and they need to take a picture with a trainee with a comparable number to them. While the occasion is expected to be for enjoyable, for many years, a misconception has actually established that people with the exact same numbers typically wind up with each other.

Shikimori and Izumi were combined together in the in 2015’s couple numbers occasion, and a minimum of for them, the misconception ended up being real. Nevertheless, they had actually been attempting to collect the nerve to propose to one another for rather a long time, so getting the exact same number simply inspired them to do it lastly. Sadly, Shikimori does not get the exact same number as Izumi this year, so she is rather worried.

Although she does not understand it yet, her sweetheart is combined by the couple numbers with Kamiya, who has actually revealed a strange interest in the couple’s relationship. It is most likely that she has actually not forgotten the match she lost versus Shikimori and wishes to retaliate on her for the defeat. The approaching episode concentrating on the cultural celebration will for that reason be rather intriguing.

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