Shine like a star of dramas: the secret secrets of the beauty of Korean actresses

Do you think that only idols can look perfect? Get a selection of easy and affordable beauty tips from Korean beauties!

Korean dramas unexpectedly loudly rushed into world cinema, falling in love with viewers from different countries literally at first sight. They break all records in terms of views and ratings in America, Europe and, of course, Russia. Actors and actresses in our country have their own fan clubs and even imitators. This is not surprising, because the appearance and charisma of idols makes you doubt the laws of nature and believe in the elixir of eternal youth! Their skin without makeup exudes health and freshness, and many actresses manage to look no older than 18-year-old girls at 40 years old.

If you’ve watched at least one popular drama or seen a selection of photos of Korean stars on the internet, then you’ve probably wondered: how do they do it? The secret is not in “special Asian genes” and, of course, not in plastic surgery. All famous Korean women admit in interviews that their beauty and youth are the result of attention to themselves and daily repetition of traditional oriental rituals. Fortunately, we live in a modern world, and every woman can find the right tools for self-care. You just need to know where to look!

Shooting star, 2022

The East, as you know, is a delicate matter. No one is in a hurry here, even if the deadlines are running out and the sky literally falls on your head. Hard work, perseverance, and striving for the ideal have been the hallmarks of the Korean mentality for centuries – both at work and in self-care. According to these rules, the heroine of the drama “Shooting Star” – a gifted PR woman Oh Han-bel, who is forced to hide in the shadow of her employer – lives a narcissistic famous artist. However, the heroine does not despair and even under the rubble of the work does not forget that she is primarily a woman. Yes, she can’t afford the life of a celebrity with expensive spa treatments, but every day she devotes at least a few minutes to her lover. No wonder the capricious star ends up falling head over heels in love with his assistant!

The moral of this story is simple: busyness and fatigue are no reason not to be beautiful! Make yourself a few good habits: a five-minute warm-up between completed tasks, fresh fruit for breakfast, applying a skincare product in every spare moment. Such rituals will not interfere with your busy schedule, but they will bear fruit very soon. By the way, when choosing the right product, pay attention to the multifunctional spray serum of the d’Alba brand. Not only is this a high-quality product at an affordable price, but it’s also an easy way to clean up your skin.

Experts combined the gifts of nature with modern technologies: Italian extract of white truffle, niaziamides, chia seeds, a complex of natural oils. The product moisturizes, nourishes and energizes tired skin, gives it radiance and freshness, and with regular use noticeably slows down the aging process. Just remember that regularity is key here! Look at actress Lee Sung-kyung, who stars in this drama: at 33 years old, she looks 20. Of course, this result cannot be achieved in some applications. The spray serum is convenient to take with you and apply not only in the morning after the toner, but throughout the day to maintain the effect.

The Story of the Nine-Tailed Fox, 2020

“The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox” is a kind of Korean version of “Twilight”. There is mysticism and an appeal to ancient legends, a riddle and, of course, love. The famous Korean actress Cho Bo-ah (who, by the way, was already 29 years old at the time of filming!) plays a young journalist who believes in otherworldly powers and dreams of meeting them face to face. One day, such an opportunity presents itself to her: she meets a demigod from Eastern mythology – the werewolf fox Kumiho – and, of course, falls in love with him.

Pay attention to the appearance of the actress! Cho Bo-ah looks organic in a mysterious, gloomy forest in traditional Korean robes and with a minimum of makeup on his face. A great example of the global trend towards naturalness! Like her character, the star of the series is not afraid to trust the forces of nature and believe in their inner magic. Here’s another tip from smart Korean women: the next time you want to plaster your skin with foundation, it’s better to smile at your natural beauty in the mirror and back it up with a useful natural remedy.

For this purpose, a two-stage cream with white truffle extract from the d’Alba brand is ideal. This is almost a magic potion that you can mix yourself in proportions that suit you. A jar contains an ultra-light gel serum to moisturize and soothe the skin and a rich cream to nourish and combat age-related changes. If your skin is prone to oily shine, take more serum and if you are more worried about dryness, redness and facial wrinkles, squeeze on the cream. You’ll see: after a while, you won’t need any sound at all!

Strongman Do Bong-sun, 2017

Romantic comedies are the greatest strength of drama! Love, positivity, a lot of bright colors, the sun and, of course, a smile – this is what will definitely decorate any woman, whether it is a world celebrity or a modest “child”. Here, actress Park Po-young represents both at the same time. She plays the role of a loser girl with an unusual superpower. A girl can lift huge weights and even win muscular men in a fight. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to feel fragile and feminine sometimes! When the heroine falls in love, she decides at any cost to get the object of her passion, even if for this she has to throw it on her shoulder and carry it away.

Of course, this is fiction, and you should not repeat such a trick in reality. But it’s definitely worth learning from the strongman Do Bong-sun! First of all, the ability to laugh and easily relate to life’s problems. Nothing makes a woman age as much as an exhausted expression on her face. And nothing adorns it like a laid-back “resort” vibe! The trick is that you can take summer with you in your pocket, even if September or February has been on the calendar for a long time. To do this, you need to sit in front of the screen as little as possible and use every free minute to walk. This will help not only cheer you up, but also distribute the blood, gradually cope with extra pounds, improve your complexion and catch as many rare hours of sunshine as possible, even in our boring middle lane.

Just don’t forget to take care of your skin before walking! Wind and ultraviolet light can not only have benefits, but also cause harm. d’Alba’s sunscreen not only protects the face from the harmful effects of sunlight, but also helps to brighten and even out skin tone. It can be used as a universal base for makeup at any time of the year. SPF protection factor 50+ is perfect for both a hot holiday and an autumnal lunch with colleagues in the park. And hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid keeps your skin moisturized, radiant and rested throughout the day.

Love comes from heaven, 2019

Another popular theme of Korean television series is the clash of different cultures, eras, traditions and views of life. “Love Comes from Heaven” is a profound and touching drama about the romance of a spoiled, rich heiress from South Korea and her complete opposite, a principled, disciplined North Korean soldier. The girl crashes over a foreign country on a paraglider and finds herself in extremely unusual and even dangerous circumstances, but here she unexpectedly finds her happiness.

This story teaches us to more often remove the curtains from our beliefs and wipe the established habits from the dust. The same goes for self-care. If you’ve been attending the same “comfortable” fitness club near work for the past 10 years, why not try a new sport or sign up for dancing now? If you’ve always struggled with your grandmother’s recipe or a standard fat cream with wrinkles, why not trust modern technology? Maybe these are the updates you’re missing to get the result you want!

Take, for example, the actress Song Ye-jin from the aforementioned drama. Now she’s 41 years old, but it’s hard for her to look taller than 30. In her interviews, the woman admits that she always combines folk remedies (such as cucumber slices on the eyes) with the gifts of civilization, and also loves to travel and learn new things. A good way to experiment now is to buy an anti-aging stick balm d’Alba in addition to the cream. A new, practical application format can change your ideas about facial care! Use it at the final stage of care and the result will amaze you. The balm fits perfectly in the places where it is needed, brightens dull skin, moisturizes and nourishes it from the inside. White truffle extract, vitamins E and C, collagen and a complex of 8 natural oils fight wrinkles and give the face a natural glow.

Empress Ki, 2013

What kind of drama can there be without reference to history? “Empress Ki” is one of the very beautiful and well-shot Korean costume series. The plot revolves around a simple girl who is destined to become the wife of the Mongol ruler and lead a huge empire. The future empress is played by the then 35-year-old actress Ha Ji-won. Since we are talking about a specific historical period and a real character, you can forget about bright, modern makeup. A woman copes with the role with the help of her own beauty and charm. Nevertheless, her heroine appears to the audience as truly majestic, beautiful and well-groomed.

How does she do it? The answer is simple: like the real Ki, the actress refers to the ancient secrets of Eastern culture. One of them is the traditional Chinese gua sha massage, which has been used since ancient times to get rid of negative energy and improve blood circulation. At that time, a special ceramic scraper for such a process was made by custom-made craftsmen and cost so much that only very rich and influential people could afford it.

But today, every woman can feel like an empress! An excellent version of such a massager Slim Fit Ceramic Guasha is produced by the premium cosmetic brand d’Alba. As in the old days, each device is made by hand from white clay, which is cured again and again at high temperatures. The compact and lightweight massager has up to 7 zones with different reliefs that act on the body in different ways. It can be used both professionally and independently at home. The advantages of such a device cannot be overstated: it helps to distribute lymph, relieve muscle fatigue and swelling throughout the body, improve skin color, correct the contours of the face and body, and treat all problem areas. Just one purchase – and you have an entire massage room at home!

Agree, all these tips are quite simple and do not require large expenses or special efforts. Try to gradually introduce into your life the good habits and rituals that Korean women use, for example, in the evenings when watching exciting dramas. And after a while, you will surely look no worse than your favorite Korean actresses!

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