Shipwreck by Nayantara .. Problem in Siruthai Siva, Ajith alliance

Following the super duper success of Ajith’s strength film, Ajith will be starring in Vignesh Sivan’s AK62. The film was originally produced by Sun Pictures. It was later acquired by Laika.

But it seems that it was Nayantara who gave the picture to Vignesh to change the route. Now Sun Pictures has a great desire to take a picture with Ajith. Siva is now sowing the leopard for it.

Siruthai Siva is preparing the next film for Ajith with Sun Pictures. The next film is ready if Sunpictures pays Ajith’s salary.

Sun Pictures is now trying to catch up with what Nayantara has already lost. This is because the leopard Siva directed, produced by Sun Pictures and starring Nayanthara as the heroine in Superstar Rajini’s Annatha has not received the expected amount of revenue.

So the alliance joins hands again and puts Ajith as the protagonist in place of Rajini and Siva plans to shoot Siruthai for the next film to be produced by Sun Pictures.

The only problem with this is that if Sun Pictures is willing to pay only the salary he asks for Ajith, then the next film in Ajith-Nayanthara-Sun Pictures alliance with Siruthai Siva is ready.

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