Shivaji, is it so different within MGR .. Awesome actor Tilak

MGR and Shivaji ruled Tamil cinema in the 60s and 70s. The films in which they acted were well received by the people at that time. And MGR stopped acting in movies after going into politics.

Full time MGR was involved in politics for the people. But Shivaji continued to entertain the fans by acting in films till his demise. Shivaji last played Rajini’s father in Padiyappa.

In this case, if Shivaji starts acting in the film he has agreed to, he will not interfere in anything else. I.e. does not interfere with the story or other characters. He can only act the character given to him and otherwise act without making any changes in the film.

And Shivaji will change into that character and amaze the fans to the extent that they do not know whether he is real or not. This is why the name of actor Tilak Shivaji Ganesan lasted for him. And to this day no one has been able to take his place.

If MGR starts acting in a film he can say it openly if he wants some changes in the story. The directors may agree that he is a great actor. Sometimes the whole picture can be changed for MGR.

Also, the film has been a huge success due to some changes mentioned by MGR. If Shivaji can effectively do what he is given then MGR can change the story to suit him and see success. Thus there are a lot of differences between these two actors.

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