Shivani Rajasekhar: Rajasekhar Tanaya in the Miss India race

Shivani, the eldest daughter of senior hero Dr Rajasekhar, made her silver screen debut but did not receive star status. Teja Sajja steps on the OTT platform with the lead role in the film “Awesome”. Along with this film on OTT, her second film ‘WWW’ also got a mixed response from the audience. Now, apart from movies, she is participating in the Miss India pageant. Shivani recently announced her participation in the Miss India race through her Instagram platform.

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“I am embarking on a new journey. Wish me luck! Thank you Miss India Org for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Gratitude, respect. All the very best to all the beautiful women (including me) who are advancing in their auditions today and representing their respective states. ” In terms of movies, Shivani will be making a guest appearance in the movie “Shekhar” starring his father Rajasekhar as the hero. The movie is coming out to the audience next May. We have to see how Shivani’s journey will be in the Miss India race.

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