Shree Satya, who squeezed in Shreehan’s blanket in the middle of the night.

Shree Satya, who squeezed in Shreehan's blanket in the middle of the night.
Shree Satya, who squeezed in Shreehan's blanket in the middle of the night.

With this, Bigg Boss focused on various other tasks. Bigg Boss is providing different types of job to recuperate the prize money shed in the past. As Revanth won the job of stacking cups, he obtained one lakh and also 10 thousand rupees.

The 3rd task was in between Adireddy-Keerthi and also Srihan-Sri Satya. The cards with cash numbers are thrown in the boxes. Sri Han-Sri Satya won in this. They stopped working to win one lakh rupees in this task as the home members said that Keerthi-Adi Reddy would certainly win. Later on, Revanth and Inaya participated in the job of filling sand in their bottles. In this, Revanth became the winner. But as the participants of your home also claimed his name, they got back 2 lakhs in this task. With this, the Bigg Boss victor’s cash prize has become 41 lakhs.

Later on, a strange point occurred in the Bigg Boss residence throughout the night. Sri Satya keeps in mind a case that took place in the past and also shares it with various other participants at around 2 o’clock in the night. When there was a loud scream, a buddy was waking up and strolling in the middle of the night. As soon as, everybody was frightened at. Additionally, Sri Satya snuggled and went in Srihan’s blanket. Srihan was terrified. As soon as again and they made a lot of noise, after that there was a noise. Is Srihan actually terrified? Or they acted as if they were imitating an overall jerk.

Inaya, on the other hand, acted like a demon-possessed lady for a while. Lying on her bed, she shrieked and also laughed noisally, attempting to frighten her. She acted like a ghost as Adireddy’s target. This episode brought giggling in your home. This is exactly how the Tuesday episode finished. As the Bigg Boss show reaches its final stage, it seems that Bigg Boss is killing time in the name of cash prize return as there is no continuing to be job left. Currently, Revanth, Srihan, Rohit, Aadi Reddy, Sri Satya, Inaya and also Keerthy are in the house. It is recognized that Srihan has currently gotten to the last.

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