Shruti Haasan: One-eyed monster .. who scares ..?

Kollywood beauty Shruti Haasan is currently busy with a series of films. No need to talk about these muddugumma photoshoots on social media anymore .. in different dresses .. going crazy in different poses .. Netizens who saw these photos also gave Shruti the title of witch. And recently Shruti was made a one-eyed monster. Because the photo that was sold is like that .. Recently Shruti shared a photo on her Instagram. In that photo the whole hair was staring at one eye and scaring in black and white to make it look like one eye.

If the children see that photo at once .. um .. Buchi will not become me. This photo has gone viral right now. And just like before, netizens were outraged at this photo. Some people say that you are a one-eyed monster .. who are you frightening .. while others are commenting that Shruti is normally Maneshwa. And what is the reason behind this muddugumma posting such photos ..? Should know the sale.

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