Sibiraj responded mockingly like a father .. a speechless host

Actor Sathyaraj is well known to all Tamil cinema fans. He has especially attracted fans of all languages. Even more so in Bagupali, his character Kattappa was talked about a lot. Sathyaraj is currently being used as the main character in the upcoming Pan Indian films.

But Sathyaraj’s successor Sibiraj is struggling to find a permanent place in cinema. The Dog Beware movie starring him was somewhat well received among the fans. Sibiraj has been working on the idea of ​​giving it a hit again since then.

In this case, Ranga is a film directed by Vinod and starring Sibiraj. The film stars Nikhila Wimal opposite Sibiraj. The film is all set to release in 2017.

But for some reason the film is yet to be released. But now Sibiraj has officially announced that Ranga will be released in theaters on May 13. Actor Karthi has recently released the trailer of the movie Ranga.

And the film is expected to be a turning point in Sibraj’s screen career. In this situation, Sibiraj has been giving interviews to various media for the movie Ranga. In a special interview, Sibiraj was asked about Hindi.

Sibiraj teasingly replied that he did not know Hindi. Many have praised Sibiraj for speaking as openly as his father. Also, many fans are commenting that it is a shame if you do not know Tamil from Tamil Nadu, you do not need to know Hindi.

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