Simbu’s ex-girlfriend who made an entry in the Big Boss house!

Simbu is the film actress who gives the entry

Big Boss Ultimate, the main show airing 24 hours a day on Hotstar, is currently being hosted by actor Simbu instead of Kamal.

Meanwhile, rivals Julie and Abrami, who were expected to attack until the end, were both knocked out in the middle.

In this situation, the Big Boss Ultimate team, which is planning to hold the final for two days, is going to invite actress Hanshika to the final as a surprise.

Yes, the great movie starring Hansika and Simbu will be released on the 28th. Hansika has come to the Big Boss show for the promotion of the film.

Simbu and Hansika fell in love a few years ago, but for some reason the two later parted ways significantly.

Actress Andrea tough on fans! The police who carried out the beating ..?

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