Singaravelan intimidated by Rajinikanth .. Wimal exposed the fraud for many days

Marina Pictures Singaravelan is currently the most popular actress in the industry. Many people know him as Linga Singaravelan. It was his controversy over the Linga movie that made him so popular.

Linga is a movie directed by KS Ravikumar and starring superstar Rajinikanth. Within two days of the film’s release, Singaravelan went on a hunger strike claiming that the film was a loss, and was the one who intimidated Rajini into buying the multi-crore loss.

He also bought and distributed small films and was involved in accounting and production. In this context, he recently leveled a sensational allegation against actor Vimal. That is, the movie Mannar Vagaiyara starring Vimal was released a few years back.

The film was produced by Tirupur Ganesan. But due to some economic crisis, the film came to a halt. Tirupur Ganesan also died after that. Thus, Singaravelan was the one who came in claiming that he would help Vimal produce the film.

The film was later shot and released after borrowing a few crores from some financiers for the film. The film, which grossed up to Rs 8 crore, escaped unscathed. But Singaravelan has falsely claimed that the film lost Rs 2 crore.

He has also bought from Vimal saying that he has to pay that particular amount to the financier. But he did not pay the money to the financier and kept them to lodge a complaint against Wimal with the police.

Wimal has lodged a complaint with the police in 2020. Singaravelan has since obtained pre-bail claiming that he will return the money owed to Vimal in the case which was subsequently investigated.

In the last few days, Singaravelan has not only been extorting money from Vimala, but has also been spreading some false information about him in the media. Following this, the pre-bail granted to Singaravelan has been canceled in favor of Vimal who has approached the court again.

Thus he is currently in police custody. Singaravelan’s multi-day scam of extorting money from actors for the sole reason of image has now been exposed. It is also expected that some of the victims will now lodge complaints against him.

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