Sivakarthikeyan apologizes to Udayanidhi on stage! That’s because of the Don image display

The trailer launch ceremony of Sivakarthikeyan’s Don movie was held yesterday. Sivakarthikeyan plays a college student in the film.

In the trailer Sivakarthikeyan is saying one by one every time he could not decide what ambition he brought from a young age. His desire to be a scientist, meme creator, dancer, cricketer is constantly changing.

At the end of the trailer, he looks at comedian Vijay and asks, ‘Shall we go to politics if we don’t speak?’ ‘No, no, no,’ says Siva.

Apologies to Udayanidhi

Udayanithi Stalin, the actor and MLA who came to the function, must have been a bit shocked when such a scene came in the trailer.

Sivakarthikeyan has apologized to Udayanidhi while speaking on stage.

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