Sivakarthikeyan got a headache due to the movie Beast

Sivakarthikeyan is starring in Don and Ayalon after the huge success of Doctor. In this case, the film is directed by Sibichakravarti. The film stars Priyanka Arun Mohan, SJ Surya, Samuthirakani and many more.

The film is ready for release once the shooting is over. The film crew, who had planned to release the Don film in March, has postponed the release date of the film if the RRR film is released. Currently the film crew is planning to release the Dawn film on May 13th.

Beast and KGF movie news are all over the media, TV and social media right now. This is the news that is getting the attention of the fans. Also, a conflict of opinion between these two films is taking place on the internet.

No picture or news will be taken at this time. In this case it would have been so welcome if Dan had done any work for the promotion of the film at present. Thus the film crew is quiet without doing any work for the film.

And after all the news about the Beast started to go down a bit on the internet, the film crew plans to start the promotion work for the Dawn film. Because the Beast movie collided with a big movie like the KGF movie.

Thus, after all this news is over, the Dawn film crew has taken up the project that it will be easy to reach the people only if they are comforted like this. Let’s see depending on how well it works.

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