Sivakarthikeyan, who dances uncontrollably due to fame intoxication .. Quality question asked by Manopala

Sivakarthikeyan had produced some films through his production company. The release of these films was a failure. Sivakarthikeyan, who suffered heavy losses as a result, suffered greatly from the financial crisis. The Doctor then handed him the picture.

The Doctor film was released and hunted for collections. Thus Sivakarthikeyan has partially paid off the debts through the Doctor film. In this situation Don is currently starring in the film. The crew plans to release a trailer for the film soon.

Sivakarthikeyan is currently working on a promotion for the film. In this case, the poster of the movie Don was pasted in front of the famous theater in Chennai recently. It featured a large photo of SJ Surya and a photo of other actors behind him, including Sivakarthikeyan.

The protagonist in the Sivakarthikeyan film who saw this, I put the photo of SJ Surya in the poster without putting me in the big one first ordered it as changes. Knowing this, many cinema celebrities claimed that Sivakarthikeyan was dancing head over heels as he grew up.

Currently Sivakarthikeyan has posted the names of the celebrities who starred in the film on his Twitter page to thank those who worked on the film. It stars many celebrities from Vijay TV including Sivanki. He had also registered their name.

But Sivakarthikeyan did not register the name of senior artist Manopala. Seeing this, Manopala asked where my name was. Fans have been criticizing Sivakarthikeyan for not behaving like this in the intoxication of fame and for wanting to show respect to senior artists. And they are saying that if Sivakarthikeyan continues to do this, his films will be at a loss again.

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