Sivakarthikeyan who taught politics to Udayanidhi .. You two brothers have a day

Sivakarthikeyan is currently advancing at an astounding pace. While his acting is awaiting the release of subsequent films, he has been busy acting as a comedian in many more new films.

Not only that, but his films have been very well received by the fans. Following the huge success of the Doctor film, the Don movie starring him is currently out.

Co-produced by Laika Productions and Sivakarthikeyan, the film is being released by PVR Pictures and Udayanidhi’s Red Giant Movies. Recently, Udayanidhi has been buying and releasing a number of films through its production company.

In that sense he is daring for anything and is more interested in releasing films of many leading actors like Beast. He is also set to release a Vikram film starring Kamal.

Accordingly the trailer for the soon-to-be-released Dawn movie was recently released in a very grand manner. Udayanithi, who was present at the event, spoke highly of Sivakarthikeyan. After that, the entire crew enjoyed the trailer.

In it, Sivakarthikeyan, who is a school and college student, would have said that he would eventually become a politician. His friend would say that a politician can lie a lot.

When this scene came Sivakarthikeyan looked at Udayanidhi very embarrassed and smiled. Udayanidhi smiled at this and shook his head without saying anything and was watching the trailer. These video footages are currently rocking the bar on social media.

Udayanidhi, the heir to the largest political family, is currently an MLA. Not only that but also the son of the present Chief Minister. Many have been teasing Sivakarthikeyan for keeping him like that and putting a scene like this in the trailer. And fans are jokingly posting comments that one day you have to tell him about politics.

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