Sivarajkumar fans in turmoil .. The problem that came to the leader 169 film before the start!

The news that Nelson will be directing the leader’s 169 film directed by Dilip Kumar has now been confirmed. Anirudh is composing the music for the film, which is being produced by Sun Pictures. It is also rumored that Priyanka Mohan will play Rajini’s daughter in the film.

Ramya Krishnan will also be seen in the lead role. In this situation, they approached Kannada superstar Sivarajkumar in the hope that the film would be better if the heroes in a language other than Tamil were added to the film. He also agreed to star in the film.

His family is recovering a little from the grief over the death of actor Puneet Rajkumar, who recently died of a heart attack. Although his death was a loss that no one could compensate for, his brother Sivarajkumar left them with everything for the family and has now started acting in the film.

Now news is starting to come out that Sivarajkumar is playing a pivotal role in the Rajinikanth film. When Shivarajkumar asked the place about this, he left with an answer that yes you have a surprise.

Now news is coming out that Sivarajkumar is playing a mass villain for Rajini. Sivarajkumar is seen by Kannada fans as a god. Now Kannada fans are shocked to hear the news that Sivarajkumar is playing the villain.

While superstar Rajini is already very popular in Rajini’s hometown of Karnataka, half of the fans there do not like the fact that Kannada superstar Sivakumar is going to play the villain. However, the shooting of the film is scheduled to start in August.

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