SJ Surya Sivakarthikeyan who does not like development .. A big man is ugly like this

Sivakarthikeyan, who is currently busy in Tamil cinema, will be seen in the next Don movie. The crew is currently working on promoting the film.

The film, which stars SJ Surya, Priyanka Arulmohan and Sivanki, is all set to release. But due to the release of Beast, the release and promotion of the film was postponed a bit.

The film is currently set to release on May 13. So in order to promote the film, the film crew is putting up banners related to the film everywhere. Even the big banners with Sivakarthikeyan’s photo on them are all ready.

In this case, a huge banner about the movie Dawn has been placed at the Satyam Theater. Seeing this, Sivakarthikeyan is now very angry with the film crew. That is to say, the banner has a large photo of SJ Surya with a small photo of Sivakarthikeyan standing behind him.

Thus the stern Sivakarthikeyan has ordered the film crew to change the photo. The last few days SJ Surya had been talking to Sivakarthikeyan next to Vijay. Without any ego of being a great director, he praised Sivakarthikeyan as a hero admired by families.

But Sivakarthikeyan is looking at a job like this without even thinking about it. It is rumored that Sivakarthikeyan has changed like many others with the advent of fame and fortune.

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