SJ Surya stuck out of his mouth .. apologizing on Twitter for the incident!

Celebrities are usually tempted to ask questions in a heated manner. In that regard Anandavikatan has recently interviewed SS Surya. Anandavikatan has asked a question to SJ Surya in a way that makes his mouth water while he is going well.

In it S J Surya was asked a question which hero do you like the most? To which he saw that I could escape by giving a realistic answer that I like Vijay very much.

But they stubbornly dragged him into the fray and put before Vijay Sara a question as to which hero the families were celebrating then. SJ Surya, who failed to answer this question diligently, was left speechless.

Because he also surprised everyone by giving an answer to Vijay Sara that Sivakarthikeyan was then celebrated by all the families.

After listening to him, Anandavikadan released a page with a big title called Sivakarthikeyan next to Vijay. SJ Surya is now screaming on his Twitter page that hey I never said that.

That is, SJ Surya may have given such an answer as most of the films starring Sivakarthikeyan are in a way that appeals to women and children. But head fans dance without realizing it.

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