SJ Surya takes over the old arrow after 7 years .. The protagonist is getting ready in Germany

Actor and director SJ Surya directed the super hit movie Wali with Thala Ajith in the first film to make his entry in Tamil cinema as a director. Following this, Kushi directed by SJ Surya made the entire Tamil cinema look back.

After this film SJ Surya started directing and acting in the film. So in his acting films like Merchant, New, Music came out. After that he would have appeared as an intimidating villain in films like Spider and Mersal and left the fans screaming.

In this situation SJ Surya is currently directing the film again after a very long hiatus. The director of this film plays the protagonist himself. He is going to introduce the newcomer heroine as his partner for this film.

As well as setting a car-centric story mainly in this film. So he ordered the car in Germany. The protagonist has said in an interview that it is mainly the car that is so important to the story.

Also SJ Surya has announced that he will be finishing two or three films as a comedian and will start this film next. The name of the film is said to be Killer.

So fans are eagerly waiting for the film from now on as the film is definitely more likely to be an action thriller if the title is heard.

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