Whats much better than Natasha Lyonne hosting Saturday Night Live? Saturday Night Live having all of Lyonnes Saturday Night Live pals come out throughout her monologue to welcome her into the program. A monologue can set the whole tone for the program and Lyonne knocked hers out of the park with both Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen emerging. Lyonne discussed how hosting was a big offer for her as shes a “real” New Yorker and has actually had connections to the program for as long as she can keep in mind.

Shes dealing with Amy Poehler on their Netflix program Russian Doll, and shes pals with a few of the older cast members (and she dated Armisen for many years) so her monologue was plainly her getting to belong of this program that has actually suggested a lot to her and likewise describing a little her life.


Lyonne was a kid star and states that her moms and dads saw her skill and put her in auditions, and she brought a clip of her from The Pee-Wee Herman Program where she enters into the space to fulfill Pee-Wee Herman and loudly states “Hi” at him. From there, she discussed her life as a kid star has actually caused her having several arrests and a drug dependency, however she came out of everything on the other side.

Monologues are a hard game with Saturday Night Live. In theory, your monologue can entirely damage your night. Therefore often its suggested as a method to make the host a bit less worried and reduce them into everything however Lyonne seemed like she was a natural at it. Teasing her voice (as both Rudolph and Armisen did their own impressions of Lyonne), speaking about her life, and joking that she glossed over years in order to discuss how shes now succeeding.

However it was so simple, and it actually revealed the audience how well Lyonne was going to do as the host. She didnt appear worried or like she had any sort of doubt in belonging to the program. She leapt right in and was all set to bring us a terrific program for the last episode of Season 47. Lyonne not being on the program more frequently is a criminal activity since she was so great and this monologue actually nailed what is so remarkable about Lyonne.