Saturday Night Live had its Season 47 ending this weekend. While it was a bittersweet episode, being some cast members last episode, host Natasha Lyonne and the cast still provided a funny night. Among the best sketches, probably the best sketch of the season, entitled “After High School” takes us back to our youth in extremely funny ways.

The pre-recorded sketch follows a man, played by Andrew Dismukes, thinking back about his high school senior prom twenty years later on. He takes us through all his “friends” and what they have actually depended on because they finished. Or, more hilariously, what they have actually not depended on in the last twenty years. While numerous of his schoolmates wound up delighted, the focus of this sketch is on its gut-busting dark humor. Needless to state, a great deal of people do not make it out of this sketch alive, actually; a number of the characters schoolmates wind up missing out on or straight-up dead, and at the center of most schoolmates endings is the spooky Rachael Finnster played by Lyonne.


What makes this sketch work so well is its simpleness and staple repeating. It’s simply Dismukes taking us through all his schoolmates one by one, however it is the line shipment that makes this specific setup funny gold. Dismukes easily records and integrates the doe-eyed marvels of timeless high school coming-of-age stories with deadpan extreme bluntness.

While everybody frequently recollects about their high school years and most likely have wild stories to inform, this sketch puts an amusing twist on a time that we frequently take a look at with rose-colored glasses. At the exact same time, the sketch is a strangely captivating retrospective about a greatly various group of people that were entirely throughout this one minute prior to their lives altered permanently. Although the story gets ridiculous and very morbid sometimes, it is likewise a little frightening how area on the sketch remains in some cases.

The lots of ways Rachael Finnster keeps connecting into the story will have you falling out of your seat chuckling as Lyonne’s facial expressions stay spot-on throughout. The twist punchline ending, in specific, puts a great killer funny bow on this happily dark sketch. We’re not going to ruin it here. It is simply among those ideal endings that is timeless SNL; the series constantly works best when it integrates the outright ridiculous with real-world peculiarities. As an outcome, this might be among the best sketches of the season.

To begin your fond memories journey, watch the complete sketch down listed below: