Snowdrop on Disney Plus Hotstar: Why the drama starring Blackpink’s Jisoo and Jung Hae-in was embroiled in controversy


Snowdrop, starring Blackpink’s Jisoo and Jung Hae-in, is all space to air on Disney Plus Hotstar on February 9. The political drama performed airing on the South Korean network, JTBC and received modest ratings, while it turned into as soon as embroiled in controversy all along. Ever since its inception—even sooner than it aired—the showrunners fetch been in hot water and had to scenario explanations as the story turned into as soon as constantly slammed for being insensitive to Korean historical previous.

What is Snowdrop about?

Snowdrop is made up our minds in the backdrop of 1987, a an crucial time in South Korean historical previous, as it turned into as soon as the 300 and sixty five days that electorate protested and called for an stop to the authoritarian authorities. The drama tells the love story of Jung Hae-in’s Im Soo-ho, a North Korean inspect and Jisoo’s Young-ro, a  college student. Jung performs a inspect, who’s gift in a bloodied situation by Jisoo, and she hides him in her dormitory room, below the influence that he’s a pro-democracy activist. She and her pals cowl him from the authorities, who’re in fact purchasing for the North Korean inspect.

Why turned into as soon as the level to belief about insensitive?

In March 2021, months sooner than the level to even aired, Snowdrop landed in soup as a synopsis leaked on-line, giving an influence that there turned into as soon as a distortion of historical facts. In accordance with the synopsis, people believed that the male lead is a inspect, who has infiltrated the activist movement, while one other lead persona is a team leader on the Agency For National Security. Despite JTBC’s clarifications, the discomfort continued. There turned into as soon as noteworthy furore, as people discovered it namely insulting that a North Korean inspect turned into as soon as potentially focused on, or connected to, the pro-democracy movement. The socio-political context turned into as soon as deeply emotional for most, as the protestors for the regime in the 1980’s had been falsely accused of being North Korean spies. The pro-democracy protesters had been imprisoned, tortured and killed by the authorities to suppress the dissidents.

After the release of the first two episodes in December, there turned into as soon as an uproar. Fans took to social media and wrote lengthy threads explaining the considerations with the level to, asserting that the cast and crew had been ‘insensitive’ to the folk that had struggled and fought for their freedom. Jisoo’s title in the level to extra angered sentiments, with many asserting that her persona’s initial title turned into as soon as also the title of an proper-life protestor, whose husband turned into as soon as killed after he turned into as soon as falsely accused of being a North Korean inspect.

Moreover, the viewers also talked about that the depiction of the Central Executive intelligence agents, who had been tasked with capturing the North Korean spies had been inaccurate. Viewers wrote numerous threads explaining that they had been a neighborhood who killed ‘so many of us’. They alleged that the level to turned into as soon as glorifying a lead persona from the Agency For National Security Planning (NSP), which turned into as soon as phase of the authoritarian regime on the time. The usage of a symbolic song for the democracy movement in the level to turned into as soon as also criticised.

JTBC’s clarification 

After the level to debuted, a petition disturbing its cancellation turned into as soon as posted on the on-line put of the Blue House (the executive office and well-behaved space of South Korea’s head of deliver). The petition alleged that the level to “defames the price and recognition of the democratisation movement” and had over 300,000 signatures. A civic neighborhood called Declaration of International Electorate in Korea also filed for an injunction in opposition to JTBC on December 22 to pause airing the drama. Nonetheless, the Seoul Western District dismissed the injunction.

JTBC launched an announcement that the ‘background and motif’ for crucial incidents are the time of militia regime. “With this background, it accommodates a fictional story of the event in energy colluding with the North Korean authorities in uncover to relief authority. “Snowdrop” is a ingenious work that exhibits the non-public reports of individuals who had been inclined and victimized by these in energy,” the assertion learn.

The assertion also continued that no inspect in Snowdrop leads the democratization movement, and the misunderstandings ‘might maybe well be settled’ after the level to progresses. “Loads of the misunderstandings relating to concerns of “historical previous distortion” and “disparaging the democratization movement” criticized by many of us will be settled thru the growth of the drama’s location. The drama comprises the manufacturing team’s intent of hoping for no repetition of an irregular abilities wherein individual freedom and happiness are oppressed by unjust energy.” JTBC stood agency on their story, although advertisers had been talked about to fetch jumped ship hasty.

The controversy refused to die down

Nonetheless, the controversy didn’t depart away. On January, 30 professors and students asked the president of Disney , Asia Pacific, to get consultants and evaluated the historical facts in the drama. The birth letter, posted by Bae Keung-yoon, an assistant professor of Korean reviews on the Georgia Institute of Know-how, and others, turned into as soon as addressed to Walt Disney’s Asia Pacific president Luke Kang. The letter turned into as soon as penned by Bae and 25 other professors, who’re PhD candidates in Korean and East Asian reviews.

The letter requested Kang to consult consultants in Korean historical previous and “fastidiously gaze the historical references made in the level to, and set aside in mind for yourselves the manner these historical references are inclined”.

An birth letter to @disneyplus APAC president Luke Kang, from students of Korea, on the Korean drama “Snowdrop” for the time being platformed on Disney Plus

— Okay. Y. Bae 배경윤 (@kbae38) January 10, 2022

“We set that quiz because we obtain no longer imagine that Disney as a world platform is responsive to the historical and socio-political context wherein this level to exists,” the letter added. “And we imagine that platforms must set an advised resolution when globally broadcasting some extent to space in newest, mute-connected Korean historical previous.” The letter cited considerations with Snowdrop’s alleged expend of true-life historical figures in the level to. They talked about that female lead’s initial title Eun Young-cho, turned into as soon as eerily identical to democracy activist Cheon Yeong-cho. “The drama manufacturing therefore made up our minds to alternate the title [of the main character],” the letter continues. “Even with the title alternate, the truth stays that folk had been arrested, tortured and even killed as suspected communists or spies.”

Snowdrop airs on February 9, on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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