Throughout the years, Sofia Coppola has actually charmed lots of people with her filmographys identifiable tone and visuals. Typically repeating to meaning, dry humor, and womanly stories, the filmmaker has actually unquestionably gone far for herself as one of the most interesting directors in the movie market. Although her movies dont attract everybody, the filmmakers cinematic skills are indisputable.

Letterboxd has actually rapidly turned into one of the most made use of social networks platforms amongst movie lovers, collecting lots of people from all over the world and making it exceptionally simple to log movies and rate them right after the credits roll. From A Really Murray Christmas to Lost in Translation, see how the directors works rank versus each other according to lots of movie fans.


8) A Really Murray Christmas (2015) — 2.6

As the title recommends, Costs Murray, a regular Coppola partner, plays himself in this Christmas musical. While he stresses that nobody will attend his television program due to a snowstorm in New york city City, lots of visitors get to Gotham’s Carlyle Hotel to assist him.

With a little score of 2.6, the vacation flick has actually been logged by over 33k people on Letterboxd. Though amusing in a subtle method― there are even some memorable tunes ― some audiences argue it is rather “cringe-worthy.” There is no doubt that the Netflix unique A Really Murray Christmas is perhaps the filmmakers least liked movie.


7) The Bling Ring (2013) — 2.8

The Bling Ring informs the funny story, influenced by real occasions, of a group of teens who choose to track stars areas by means of the Web to rob their houses, consisting of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. While lots of might concur that it is an amusing movie that temporarily removes Emma Watson ― potentially the best aspect of it ― from her function in the cherished Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, it holds a fairly low rating.

Coppolas handle the 21st-century celeb culture and its ordinary elements are interesting. The filmmaker has actually constantly recognized with popularity, being the child of The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola. While The Bling Ring is a satirical movie that might not attract everybody, there is no doubt that some discover it a satisfying watch.


6) On the Rocks (2020) — 3.2

On the Rocks checks out the father-daughter dynamic, a resorting style in Coppolas work. When a young New york city mom, Laura (Rashida Jones), is confronted with doubts about her marital relationship and her partners fidelity, she coordinate with her separated, playboy daddy to discover whats occurring.

Filled with the chemistry in between the primary leads, this remarkable funny is both entertaining and capitivating, as one would anticipate. While it does not especially rank high to name a few Coppola movies, its Letterboxd score is fairly greater than the formerly pointed out movie, though some audiences emphasize “lack of depth” and “blandness” in the evaluations.

5) Someplace (2010) — 3.3

This lovely coming-of-age story follows Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff). This passionless movie star assesses his life when his precocious child Cleo (Elle Fanning) concerns visit him.

Someplace practically seems like a recommendation to Coppolas youth, though as the filmmaker informed the New york city Times, her experience with being a parent affected it the most. With fascinating and psychological efficiencies and a hectic story, this distinct piece of movie theater has actually been enjoyed by 55k Letterboxd users and presently has a ranking of 3.3.


4) The Seduced (2017) — 3.3

Following the story of young women who take in a hurt opponent soldier at a Southern women boarding school throughout the Civil War, The Seduced is a stunning, simple remake of an earlier movie of the exact same name launched in 1971, starring Clint Eastwood.

While some argue that this is Coppolas best and most underrated work, others swear it assures more than it provides. It is unquestionably a sophisticated, haunting, and sensational movie that counts with an extremely skilled cast. On Letterboxd, it is valued by over 21k members.

3) Marie Antoinette (2006) — 3.6

Although Marie Antoinette is potentially Sofia Coppolas best-understood piece of movie theater, and perhaps her most valued one (outside Letterboxd rankings, that is), it is likewise among the most questionable. Love it or dislike it, this “shallow” yet lovely movie (thought about so by some) is magnificently written, including a beautiful soundtrack and, as one would anticipate, lots of tasty, visually pleasing desserts to match.

With a 3.6 score, the skilled director has actually effectively shifted her vibrant nature into this retelling of Frances iconic queen, which is incredibly brought to life by Kirsten Dunst, another repeating starlet in Coppolas filmography.


2) The Virgin Suicides (1999) — 3.8

Kirsten Dunst provides a strong efficiency in Coppolas dreamy and touching directorial launching, The Virgin Suicides. Similar To Marie Antoinette, it is a quite and womanly movie. There is this captivating, dream-like environment that the 2 movies likewise share.

Fixating the lives of 5 mystical sis protected by their moms and dads in the mid-70s, this engaging movie won a great deal of people over. Enjoyed by more than 305k members and with 7.7k fans, The Virgin Suicides counts with a strong 3.8 score.

1) Lost in Translation (2003) — 3.9

Lost in Translation informs the story of a fast-growing connection in between aging movie star Bob Harris (Costs Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), a young American staying at the exact same high-end hotel. Both characters discover odd solace in each other while checking out the lovely and dynamic city of Tokyo.

There is no doubt that this drama is exceptionally written. Gorgeous in its simpleness, it stimulates effective feelings without stating much. Its a terrific movie about isolation and alienation, which is basically why its so relatable and a convenience movie for some. On Letterboxd, it has actually been enjoyed by over half a million users.

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