Son’s birthday Sanjeev-Alya Manasa’s super gift- Video released by themselves

Half the people do not know who actress Alia Mansa was a few years ago, but now they are not.

If she is the main serial actress of Tamil cinema, she will be remembered by the people first and foremost and she has become so popular.

After Raja Rani

Her life has changed since then when she starred in the Raja Rani series on Vijay TV. She fell in love with the actor Sanjeev who acted in it and got married and now has 2 children.

Sanjeev announced with a photo that their son was born on March 27 last.

Alia has just walked out of the Raja Rani 2 series she just starred in to take care of the baby.

Special video

All we know is that both Sanjeev-Alia Mansa have a YouTube page. They have received the Gold Shield as a gift because their YouTube page now has a lot of subscribers and visitors.

Glad they got this shield with their son’s birth hand. They showed it to the gift fans and expressed their happiness.

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