South Indian movies that haunt Bollywood .. No. 1, No. 2 record

KGF2, directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash, was released worldwide on April 14.

Following the success of the first part, the film was released with great anticipation. As well as meeting the full expectation of the fans.

KGF2 in the collection rain

The first day alone was about Rs. 140 crore and set a record. And currently around the world Rs. 1000 crore and is setting a record.

In this case, the Bollywood box office is currently around Rs. KGF2 is reported to have collected up to Rs 373 crore.

South Indian movies that haunt Bollywood

Already at the Bollywood box office, Rs. 510 crore and Bhagwati 2 topped the list with Rs. With a gross of Rs 387 crore, Thangal has bagged the second position.

KGF2 is currently trading at Rs. With a gross of Rs 373 crore, it has been rumored that it will soon break the box office record of gold and take second place.

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