Speaking on National Language Controversy, Kangana Ranaut said, “Sanskrit should be made …”

Mumbai (Bureau) – Kangana Ranaut launched the trailer of her film ‘Dhakar’ in a very bold style. As is often the case at movie trailer launches, the stars discuss all sorts of issues and are asked a variety of questions.

Kangana was also seen discussing the issue of Hindi at the launch of her trailer, which had embarrassed the stars of South and Bollywood cinema. Kangana Ranaut was also questioned on a heated issue recently between South superstar Kicha Sudip and Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn over Hindi. Kangana answered the question in her own way.

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This video of Kangana at the trailer launch is going viral on social media. Kangana is seen saying, “When these people created, they made Hindi the national language. Tamil is actually older than Hindi but Sanskrit is even older. If you want to ask my statement, I think the national language should be Sanskrit because from Kannada to Tamil, from Tamil to Gujarati and from Gujarati to Hindi, all come from it. ‘

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Kangana further said, “I do not have the answer as to why Hindi was made the national language instead of Sanskrit. This is a decision taken at that time but when Khalistan is demanded they say that we do not accept Hindi. Young people are being misled, these people are insulting the constitution. Tamils ​​wanted a separate country, you demand Bengal Republic and you say we don’t consider Hindi as a language, that is, you are not forbidding Hindi, you are denying Delhi that there is no central government Is not There are many layers to this thing. ‘

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