Spider-Man No Way Home writer reveals why Tony Stark wasn’t in the movie, answers if we will see Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man again


Ever since Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark snapped Thanos and his forces out of existence in Avengers: Endgame, fans had been asking and even annoying his return. Tony was as soon as a central select within the MCU, and with out him the cinematic universe appears incomplete one procedure or the other.

And even after his loss of life, Tony continues to cast a huge shadow over the MCU.

Fantastic, it’s gorgeous that he can also own perished whereas obliterating Thanos and his army due to the break led to to his physique whereas wielding all the Infinity Stones simultaneously, however factual because he isn’t wise that is no longer necessarily no longer the discontinue of the highway for the personality. That shouldn’t discontinue Tony from making an look in MCU again since the multiverse is now a actuality now.

As an illustration, the recent timeline’s Loki was as soon as choked to loss of life by the Mad Titan, however we noticed the Loki from straight away after the Battle of Contemporary York having all recent adventures within the sequence of the an identical name.

Many MCU fans were thus a minute bit upset that Tony did no longer appear in Spider-Man: No Procedure Home, for a movie basically basically based wholly on a rip within the multiverse can also had been a immense alternative for a Tony cameo, particularly pondering he was as soon as a mentor to Peter Parker.

One in every of the No Procedure Home writers, Chris McKenna, was as soon as requested the an identical on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith podcast. It turns out Surprise is totally done with Tony, despite the personality’s significance. Also, whereas he was as soon as necessary in Peter Parker’s existence, he was as soon as no longer in actuality Uncle Ben.

“Honestly, that’s devour a non-starter within the halls of Surprise, as a minimum in our experience. They factual don’t in actuality devour consistently invoking… I suggest, Tony cast this kind of huge shadow even after Endgame, which we handled in A long way From Home. But I focal point on every person felt devour we are able to’t factual lend a hand on going to the Tony properly. And I focal point on what we started realizing as we were writing here’s that he wasn’t the Uncle Ben. I suggest, he was as soon as a father select. There was as soon as a bond between them. In Endgame he even has a photograph of Peter and it appears to be the marvelous simply impetus to own him wretchedness all the issues to strive to reset the steadiness of the universe,” he mentioned.

McKenna added, “But I focal point on in writing this we started realizing that we had but some other here to speak a undeniable memoir for Peter Parker that by the discontinue of this movie, presumably, is a undeniable foundation memoir than every person else has assumed up to this point. And I don’t focal point on having Tony there would own done the relaxation. I focal point on we originate realizing that the simply impetus, the handbook put up of his existence is Would possibly presumably well. And that for the main time he is tested about whether he can in actuality in actual fact live up to this code that she’s instilled in him. That’s what this Peter Parker memoir is all about.”

Interestingly, it was as soon as Tony himself who brought Spidey into MCU, by hiring a young Peter Parker for his battle in opposition to Captain The usa-led faction in Civil War. Since then, Tony had been a father-select to Peter, who also supplied him with expedient Stark know-how for his Spidey fits.

That being mentioned, you would perchance maybe presumably also never speak never for Downey Jr and Surprise Studios can with regards to an agreement over a future cameo somewhere down the line. There had been earlier reports suggesting that he can also reprise Tony within the Iron Coronary heart sequence.

Meanwhile, there are rumours and even an image purporting to be situation photo suggesting Tom Cruise can also essay the personality of Tony Stark in Doctor Uncommon within the Multiverse of Madness.

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