Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire sends an unexpected message to fans of the classic trilogy

Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire sends an unexpected message to fans of the classic trilogy

After a surprising appearance in Spider-Man: Never Go Home , Tobey Maguire has returned to his interest in superhero movies. The original web-climber actor and protagonist of Sam Raimi ‘s classic trilogy warned that he wouldn’t think twice about returning to the role of Peter Parker. Of course, if he was invited by Marvel to return.

In an interview for the Marvel website , Maguire brought details about his experience as the hero and revealed that he would be ecstatic if he had another opportunity to return to the role.

“I love all Universe-related movies and shows. If they called me and said something like, ‘Come over tonight and we can hang out and play some games?’ or ‘Shows in to do this movie, read a scene or maybe produce something Spider-Man?” I’d say yes, anyway, why wouldn’t I want to do that?”

In the hero’s last feature, No Return Home, Maguire wore the Spider-Man uniform along with the other stars of the films: Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. A secret that was kept under lock and key, only being revealed with the release of the film. Practically, keeping the secret was a real secret mission that Marvel and everyone involved in the feature masterfully did.

Despite the actor’s image as Peter having worn out at the time of Spider-Man 3, fans of the old days even remember the caricatured film with some affection. After all, who hasn’t seen a Peter Parker Emo meme dancing wildly or that face that mixes anger with embarrassment?

The next big movie tied to the wall-crawling hero is Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse . The animation is scheduled to debut in Brazil on June 2.


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